Space Pirate Age of Rust


If you are a game lover and looking for a new challenge where you are looking for a game that is in the RPG genre and want to get a new impression and sensation and have an interesting and challenging story then you should try playing RPG Space Pirate Age of Rust game .. Where is this game SPACE PIRATE AGE OF RUST) can be played through computer, SMARTPHONE and also through TABLET so this game can be played anywhere ..
What is Space Pirate Age of Rust?

Space Pirate Age of Rust is a Scrip-based RPG game based on text / graphics in nature of intergalactic dystopian ..

This game can also give freedom to all players where you can choose to be a good game character or a bad game character. Where you will be a hunter between galaxies (bad game characters) .. or be good people who help other players (game characters are good) .. 

A game that will take you emotionally, play all night and think about how to get to the next stage the next day. A game that has the privilege that will bring to nature, the universe and a new story


Space Pirate Age of Rust takes game setting in the future .. more or less 2500 years from now where space travel is already common .. like halya in the movie STAR WAR yANg often you watch in cinema or even at home ..
What features will the Space Pirate Age of Rust game offer?

You can play with your friends online .. so you can interact between fellow players ..
Not “Pay to Win” Game

In contrast to other game games pirate game space is relying on the ability of the players .. where this game also and certainly not out of luck .. This game can not be won by paying sehigga bIsA become MVP in the game or we often know “Pay to Win “game.
Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt is a treasure hunt game .. in this game you can either hunt treasure either alone or in groups with friends where the treasure in the rush it is in the form of krypto currency like Bitcoin, so you can get real money AKA real Money .. exciting not ..

So how does a friend’s friends curious about this game ..

Are friends can not wait to try this game ..

The good news: FRIENDS have been able to try his game Demo in so do not miss loh lover game RPG ..

The excitement of this game will make you shadow and will make you want to play again, again and again. That is the reason created this game to lure you into a new universe, a new story and has its own characteristic..

Note: this game is still in development stage ,, more or less 60% ,, for more details friends can read the Launch Timeline below also holds its ICO Project loh please friends … CEK THIS OUT