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Here is a small video review of our new platform called REVIZOR, on which our platform is based. maybe the friends from the above video could guess the direction of our platform, but to expand our knowledge of our platform, before you’re interested in investing there, download our whitepaper at Also visit our page on and youtube channel at  Do not forget subscribe

In the era of new technological developments, with such look phenomena such as bitcoin and many crypto assets, large corporations and private investors are faced with fake and inefficient projects in the crypto-currency space. It should be noted that the nature of the crypto currency market should not be regulated by the state, which does not obviate the need for its own regulatory process.

What is a Revizor

  • Revizor is an innovative project in the field of regulation of the crypto currency market, its main task is to create software that will filter assorted asset absorbing non-promising assets
  • The advantage of RevizorCoin is that to date there are no similar projects in blockchain. About a thousand different coins as a result of the introduction The Revizor will be absorbed, making it possible to blockchain the system cleanup RevizorCoin is the only coin that is not needed mining, because the owner will continue to increase its capital in a certain arithmetic Development after every illiquid absorption of coins.
  • Revizor is the first crypto derivative. Absorbed assets will be publicly considered in our channel and on social networks. Among others are interesting projects, but due to lack and lack of advertising, this project does not gain profits stated capitalization and loss of value. After the acquisition of the coin, an auction is owned by us to auction off crypto derivatives from an illiquid token, which will occur in an interest to the individual company to complete these projects and relaunch them in a better form.

Impact on the market

Revizor will significantly reduce the number of inefficient crypto assets. This fact is a positive influence on the market for the following reasons: From here, other token creators will win, attention to be attracted and, therefore, exempt investments The advantage exists for the crypto-currency market in general. This is because there is a direct correlation between the growth of the number of successful and reliable projects and the arrival of new investors in the market, who are interested in significantly increasing crypto currency market with the help of Revizor will be free from the reputation of soap bubbles, pyramids because there will be market filtration of the assets has a high level of investment risk. With the help of RevizoR’s algorithm it would be possible to easily predict the rate of profit from doing ICO.


How to get RevizorCoin learn more

  • By getting our coins you agree with Terms of use
  • 1 ETH = 5 000 RR (1 RR around 20 cents)
  • You need a wallet, which supports ERC20 tokens, such as MyEtherWallet, Mist, MetaMask, Ethereum Wallet.
  • Set Gas limit = 200 000 and gas price = 5-8 Gwei
  • Send ETH to 0xEF25FA4A6B1336517027FB99A53e24185FB84D25
  • RR will receive automatically.
  • Do not send ETH from exchanges such as Coinbase/Poloenix/Bittrex etc.
  • To display your RR balance, add custom token with the following info:
  • Token Address: 0x5fb6a842ea587fa8d0486589742ce68ef24834a4
  • Token Symbol: RR
  • Decimals: 18
  • Any questions? Mail us

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